Lena K. Jones, BA. M.A. Acc.FM.
109 Fourth Avenue 
Ottawa ON K1S 2L3
Tel. (613) 619-5444


B.A.  Major in Psychology
University of Helsinki, Finland, 1969

M.A. Major in Clinical Child Psychology
University of Helsinki, Finland, 1971

  • Post-graduate studies in Psychology at (O.I.S.E.), Toronto and Carleton University, Ottawa.
  • Certificate for professionals in Community Mental Health, Algonquin College, Ottawa
  • Family Mediation training Basic and Advanced, John Goodwin, LL.B, Connie Renshaw, MSW, Ottawa
  • Family Therapist training at Royal Ottawa Hospital, Allon Bross, MSW, Ottawa
  • Family Arbitration for Non-lawyers, Hilary Linton, LLB, Barry Fisher, LLB, Dr. Barbara Fidler, Toronto
  • Ontario Family Law for Non-lawyers, Peggy Malpass, LLB, Ottawa
  • Advanced Parenting Coordination Practice, Dr. Barbara Fidler & Linda Chodos, Toronto
  • Advanced Parenting Coordination Practice, Dr. Joan Kelly, University of South Florida, Tampa FL
  • Conferences and workshops on family issues, including parenting, child development, child and adult divorce issues, family therapy, domestic violence, physical/sexual abuse, high conflict divorce, parental alienation, custody/access assessments, family law, family arbitration, family mediation, parenting coordination, and other related issues.
  • Ontario Association for Family Mediation Accredited Family Mediator


Private Practice, Ottawa      1991- to present

  • Consultation for parents regarding marital separation and parenting issues
  • Family Mediation in parenting matters
  • Parenting Plan Assessments upon joint referral of counsel, or Court appointment 
  • Parenting Coordination for high conflict separated parents 
  • Parent-Child Contact Facilitation for families with issues in implementing court-ordered or agreed upon parent/child contact
  • Supervision and Consultation to professionals involved in conducting assessments, mediation and parenting coordination

Groves Psychological Consultants, Ottawa   1978 - 1992

Consultation and Parenting Capacity Assessment provided to Ottawa Children’s Aid Society and Child and Family Services of Counties of Lanark, Renfrew, and Prescott; provided expert evidence in child welfare matters regarding parenting capacity and best interests of children.

Custody/Access Assessments in contested custody/access matters

Psychological Assessments including diagnostic assessments, psycho-educational assessment of children, and adult vocational assessments.

Therapy for adults and children including individual and couple counselling, play therapy and family therapy.

Catholic Children’s Aid Society, Toronto            1971 – 1975
Department of Psychology

Psychological Assessments to assist caseworkers in planning for the needs of children under care of the Agency; parenting capacity assessments; attendance at court as an expert witness in child protection matters. 

Play Therapy provided to children under care of the Agency.

Consultation to the agency-operated Therapeutic Foster Home program and Residential Treatment programs for adolescents with behaviour disorders.

David Jackson and Associate Psychologists, Toronto                1971
Research Assistant 

Conducted research for a proposal to the Ontario Ministry of Social Services on the development of an
‘Infant Stimulation Program for Deprived Children.’

Children’s Hospital, Helsinki, Finland and University Of Helsinki       1969 - 1970
Clinical Psychology Internships 


1984 Carleton University School of Social Work on “Interventions for children and Youth. Child Development and Separation Effects.”

1987 Provided a 12-month program of Play Therapy training and supervision to McGill University social work students.

1988-89 Staff training at Ottawa Children’s Aid Society on “Management of Adolescents in Emergency Homes” and “Separation and Attachment.”

1992 -96 “The Separation and Divorce Experience” public education workshops provided by the Carleton County Law Association and OAFM, Ottawa Region.

 1992 Presentations on Family Mediation to various community groups at the Carleton University Mediation Program and High School Peer Mediation programs.

1995 Presentation to the Panel of The Office of Children’s Lawyers on “Implications of Parental Mobility Rights on Child-Parent Relationships.”

1996 The Ontario Association for Family Mediation Annual Conference, Ottawa. Panellist: “Reflective Practitioner-Mediation Styles.”

1996-2005 Presenter at ‘Parenting After Separation’ Seminar offered jointly with Family Service Agencies and Court-based mediation services. 

1997-03 Presenter at “Communication Skills” workshop and Mediation Coach at Ottawa University Law School Mediation course.

1997–99 Presenter at the Ottawa Valley Family Conference. Topic: “Divorce and Parenting”, “Co-parenting Strategies.”
2000 Panellist at Family Mediation Canada Annual Conference, Ottawa. Topic: “Co-mediation, Multi-disciplinary Excellence.”

2000 Presenter at OAFM, Ottawa Region professional development program. Topics: “Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Plans.” “Lawyers and Mediators: Working Together Successfully.” “Parenting Coordination in High Conflict Divorce.”

2003 Presenter at CCLA Annual Family Law Institute, Ottawa. Topic: “Parenting Coordination”. 

2003 Presentations on Parenting Coordination to Justice and Community Liaison Committees in Ottawa and Cornwall, and Family Court Judges in Ottawa.

2004 Presenter at Family Mediation Canada Conference, Mississauga, Ontario. Topic: “Parenting Coordination, Practice Tips and Challenges”.

2005 - 10 Workshop leader at monthly ‘Experiencing Separation’ Seminar at Ottawa Family Court.

2007 Carleton University Conflict Resolution Symposium. Topic: ‘Family Mediation Certification Standards’.

2010 Presenter at Carleton University Conflict Resolution Certificate Program, Ottawa. Topic: “Family Mediation, Custody Assessments, Parenting Coordination” 

2011 “Parenting Coordination Basics”, 1-day training program, Ottawa, Ontario.

2011- 12 Presenter at Mandatory Information Program, Ottawa Family Court.

2012 Presenter at Advanced Family Law Class, Ottawa University Law School. 

2014 Instructor at Family Mediation Course re: Child and Adult issues in Divorce: Parenting Mediation”, November 2014, Ottawa.


1988 Member of Ottawa Community Advisory Committee on Child Abuse.

1992 Member of ‘ad hoc’ committee of OACCPP studying issues in psychologist specialty designation proposed under the Draft Psychology Act.

1992 - 98 Member of Board of Directors of OAFM, Ottawa Region; President in1994-95.

1992 Chair of OAFM Unified Family Court Committee with a mandate to write a proposal and engage in lobbying efforts for court-based mediation service.

1993 Chair of OAFM Ottawa Custody and Access Committee with a mandate to review and submit a response to the Department of Justice Public Discussion Paper on Custody and Access (1993). 

1994 Member of OAFM Legal Aid Committee with a mandate to develop a proposal to Ontario Legal Aid regarding family mediation.

1995 Member of Ontario Interdisciplinary Association of Custody/Access Assessors with a mandate to develop standards and guidelines for assessments. Members of the Committee authored “Custody/Access Assessment Guidelines”, published in January 1998. 

1996 Member of OAFM, Ottawa Court-Annexed Mediation Committee

1996 As a member of Family Relations Mediator’s Working Group developed a parent education program for separated parents in collaboration with Ottawa
Family Service Agencies.

1997-98 Member of interdisciplinary ADR Sub-committee with a mandate to develop a service model for a court-based mediation for Ottawa Family Court.

1999-00 Member of Ottawa Custody/Access Assessor’s Consultation Group.

2001-05 Member and Chair of OAFM, Accredited Family Mediator Committee mandated to grant Accredited Family Mediator designation in the Province of Ontario.

2002-05 Member of the Provincial Board of Directors of the Ontario Association for Family Mediation.

2005 -06 Member of Family Mediation Canada Certification Committee.

2005   Member of Ottawa Family Court Community Resource and Liaison Subcommittee on Mandatory Mediation.

2008 - Member of Ottawa High Conflict Forum, a working group of agencies, family law professionals, members of the judiciary and the family law bar.

2010-11 Chair of Conference Committee for High Conflict Symposium: Interdisciplinary Solutions for Families, May 2011, Ottawa.

2012 Member of Conference Committee for “Children at Risk” Conference, Ottawa High Conflict Forum, November 2012, Ottawa.

2014 Committee Member of Ottawa High Conflict Forum Conference: “Defusing High Conflict Divorce”, March 2014, Ottawa.

2015 Committee Member of Ottawa High Conflict Forum Conference: “Intimate Partner Violence”, March 2015, Ottawa.


Ghanotakis (Jones) Lena: Report to the Department of Justice Custody and Access Project in Response to Custody and Access: Public Discussion Paper, July 1993.

Jones, Lena & Dassonville, Joyce: Ottawa Court-Annexed Mediation Program. Recommendations of OAFM, Ottawa Chapter. Submitted to the Ministry of the Attorney General, September 1996.

Jones, Lena: Family Focused Perspective in Separation: Parents as Adversaries vs. Partners in Parenting. Submitted to the Special Joint Senate and House Committed on Child Custody and Access, May 1998.

Jones, Lena & Cuhaci, Marianne: Parenting Coordination. A Solution for High Conflict Couples. Solutions, OAFM Newsletter. Winter 2003.

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