What Is A Kinship Assessment?

When a child is to be placed in foster care or to be adopted, extended family may come forward and apply to foster or adopt the child. The family may be asked to go through an assessment that will provide recommendations regarding the family’s ability, eligibility, and suitability to take on this responsibility.

The assessment will include a family history, contact with relevant collaterals, review of court and other documents pertaining to your application, references, a home study, police checks, medical reports, financial reports, and Child Welfare record check.

Who Are The Assessors?

Private foster care can be facilitated through the province’s children’s aid societies or through a private operator who is knowledgeable regarding child welfare, and the process of conducting family assessments.  At Family Consultants Ottawa, the assessors are professionals who have experience in this field.

What Is The Role Of The Assessor?

The assessor provides an in-depth home study on the family members interested in fostering or adopting a child related to them.  This includes interviews, home visits, collateral contacts, a psycho-social questionnaire, a review of documentation, as well as a written report.

What Is The Role Of The Family?

The family is asked to participate in this lengthy process by providing a full disclosure and ensuring that all supporting documents are completed.

What Happens Once The Assessment Is Completed?

A full report will be provided outlining the assessment process and providing recommendations regarding the family’s ability, readiness and suitability to foster or adopt their kin.

What Is The Cost of The Kinship Assessment?

The assessment may take 30-50 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the situation.  The assessor will charge an hourly fee plus HST and any disbursement costs. The family will be asked to provide a retainer in advance.