What Is Parenting Consultation?

The professionals at FCO can provide separating parents information and guidance on such issues as children’s needs in separation, how to prepare children for the separation, child developmental considerations in making Parenting Plan, strategies for working with the other parent and other issues that may arise when parent separate. The Consultant can also provide information about the various services that are available to separated families. 

When To Seek Parenting Consultation?

Parenting Consultation may be the first step when parents are considering separation; or it may be relevant at any point in the separation/divorce if parents have concerns regarding their children’s adjustment or regarding the co-parenting relationship. Parents may self-refer or may be referred by lawyers, counsellors or other professionals. Parenting Consultation is most useful when both parents participate; however, one parent alone may seek consultation.

What Is Involved In Parenting Consultation?

After obtaining initial information, the professional determines what steps are required to assist the family. It may involve only one meeting with one or both parents; or it may involve several meetings. Parenting Consultation is typically short-term.  

What Is The Role Of The Parenting Consultant? 

The Consultant’s role is to assist parents to manage their separation process in a manner that minimizes stress to the children and helps the parents work together effectively as separated parents. 

Parenting Consultation is not an assessment. The Consultant does not provide any report or recommendations for court purposes.